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In keeping with our promise to connect with the community, we’ve chosen a few organizations whose missions align with our values. A percentage of our profits goes towards giving, which allows you to choose the specific non-profit that best represents your own values.



Through relationships with farms, restaurants, grocers, and manufacturers, City Harvest collects nutritious food that would otherwise go to waste and delivers it free of charge to 500 soup kitchens, food pantries and other community food programs across the five boroughs. City Harvest takes a long-term approach to hunger relief through its Healthy Neighborhoods initiative. In communities with elevated rates of food insecurity, poverty and diet-related illnesses, City Harvest has developed programs and partnerships to increase the availability of affordable, fresh produce and inspire healthy, budget-conscious meal choices through nutrition education.


The Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) is a nonprofit organization that uses design and art to improve civic engagement. CUP projects demystify the urban policy and planning issues that impact our communities, so that more individuals can better participate in shaping them.CUP projects are collaborations of art and design professionals, community-based advocates and policymakers, and our staff.The tools we create are used by organizers and educators all over New York City and beyond to help their constituents better advocate for their own community needs.

Edible Schoolyard NYC partners with public schools to transform the hearts, minds, and eating habits of young New Yorkers. By integrating hands-on food education into high-need schools across New York City, Edible Schoolyard NYC aims to change attitudes, preferences, and behaviors around healthy eating. Their vision is that all children are educated and empowered to make healthy food choices for themselves, their communities, and their environment, actively achieving a just and sustainable food system for all.
Exhale to Inhale empowers survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to reclaim their lives through the healing and grounding practice of yoga. Founded by a yogi, supported by the yoga community, and guided by professionals with experience working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, Exhale to Inhale provides free weekly yoga classes in domestic violence shelters and community centers throughout New York City, the Hudson Valley, Long Island and Connecticut.
Size Chart


Bust 31" - 32½" 32½" - 34½"
35" - 36"
37" - 38"
24" - 25"
25½" - 27"
28" - 29"
30" - 32"
33" - 35"
36" - 37"
38" - 49"
Across Shoulder 14"
Arm Length 23"
24" 24½"

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