About simulacra, and how we make our line

We are a Brooklyn based company, designing with sustainability in mind and manufacturing domestically in slow fashion style. We want our clothes to fit the many needs of your wardrobe while lasting many years. Our fabrics are sourced for their quality and environmentally conscious features. The cotton is grown and spun in India, GOTS certified. The bamboo is grown and processed in a closed-loop system from China. The Tencel is the cleanest of the cellulose based fibers. We choose luxurious, comfortable, and beautiful materials. Our clothes are manufactured in NYC’s very own Garment Center and LA's burgeoning manufacturing scene—all domestic with fair wages.

So what are simulacra? Simulacra are representations of a thing, or representations of representations, lost from the original idea. Perhaps in this space of artifice lies truth that can either resonate with the original or completely disavow from it to create something new.
We wanted to be honest that everything in the present is shaped by the past and continues to shape the future, paying homage to the influence of time. A proud humility.